Facebook business page

Facebook business page

Social networks have firmly entered our lives. Many people have a Facebook business page. It is dedicated to what a person does — services, goods, etc. You can do it yourself if you have the time and skills. And you can trust the experts, for example buy like facebook page. If you want to sell it through your business page, then the article may be useful to you. Let’s look at a strategy for making a Facebook business page popular.

Why is a business Facebook page paid?

You can promote the page for free, but it is very long and extremely inefficient. If you have a lot of free time to do free promotion (spam, invite people, comment on pages, etc.), then you can try. Even someone will subscribe, but this is hardly the exact audience that you need. We’ll talk about setting up ads. After advertising, the community will slowly replenish with the necessary subscribers. You publish some content, declare yourself to the world, offer your product or service, then make an offer.


The advertisement will show the header of your community, the name, the number of subscribers, the Like button. Above is the text of your ad. This is all automatically downloaded from the community. You can only change the ad text.

Attracting Subscribers

The first ad campaign to be launched is to attract followers to the page. If you do this through Facebook, then we go into the advertising office and select the goal — Involvement, “Like” marks on the page. Subscribers see your content.

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The second problem that you may encounter is audience selection. Pick an audience, knowing the portrait of your ideal client. The cost of the subscriber depends on the targeting settings. Maybe 1 or 2 cents, or maybe all 40.

Your content should like

It works better if people follow your page not because you asked them, but because they like what you post. Accordingly, you have some kind of post that you can promote. Through the “Raise publication” button or through the goal of the “Engagement” advertising campaign.

A post will appear in the news feed for the target audience of your choice. If the post is interesting, people will join this community. Also, this post will receive likes and comments (engagement), because all advertising will go from your Facebook business page.

Advertising campaigns

Thus, we have a read post, engagement in content and more targeted traffic, because people click on your community and go there. That is, we are launching two advertising campaigns that were originally made in order to attract people to the page. Because Facebook will do for you what you want based on your goals. You can run these two types of advertising at the same time. And each post that is laid out just as well is promoted to different target audiences.

The first type of advertising gives a better result, more subscribers, more growth. The second buy like facebook page type gives activity, involvement and people who will interact with your community.

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